Why am I running?

My candidate statement

I was born in Menlo Park, graduated from Stanford and had a successful career in biotech. Thirty-five years ago we put down roots in District 4, educating our three children in the wonderful local public schools.

Four years ago, I was elected by District 4 as a first-time officeholder. Today I am running for a second term to continue working on the many challenges facing Menlo Park.

As we emerge from the Covid pandemic and restore normal operations, the City faces a backlog of important development projects, state-mandated housing requirements, and exciting prospects to revitalize our downtown. Meanwhile, we continue addressing major issues like climate change, safe streets, and quality of life. For the past four years I have been closely engaged on all these matters. I also truly enjoy my personal engagement with residents on issues of concern. I work hard for residents and businesses to make decisions and find productive solutions based on facts and shared values.

Our residents deserve a Menlo Park that continues to be a special place to live, work, play, and shop. I hope I have your support to continue pushing for responsible policies that benefit Menlo Park residents and businesses. Join me!